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Wire Fencing Kit
Item Fencewire Kit.png
Stacks of
Inventory slots


Use to


You also need


Duration Until manually removed (once placed)
Location(s) Industrial
Rarity Slightly Common


The Wire Fencing Kit is an item that when used/placed creates a Wire Fence Barricade that prevents people from vaulting or passing through the area which it blockades, though fortunately the fencing kit can also be used to stop a zombie. To place or remove a wire fence you are required to have a toolbox equipped, and clicking while aiming at its metal poles. Removing a fence does not allow you to reuse or pick it up, it is just permanently removed from the server.

Wire fences can be used to fortify a base and prevent or at least slow players who want to get into one's base. The kit is similar to sandbags and tank trap kits.

These kits may commonly be found inside industrial type buildings such as factory buildings and more commonly concrete or industrial sheds.

Wire fences are consistent, meaning that they may stay on the server regardless of restarts unless they are manually removed by a player.

Wire fencing is not easy to remove, only 2 of the 4 poles will actually give the option to remove the wire, these being the inner two poles. Another way to remove wire fencing is to use a vehicle to run the fence over, keep in mind this method can damage the wheels of a vehicle.

Since DayZ 1.8.9 Wire Fencing kit has been disabled due to some technical issues.