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Morphine Auto-Injector
Morphine Auto-Injector
Category Medical
Size 1x2 (2 Slots)
Weight 60 g (0.13 lb)
Absorbency 0%
Locations Medic
Rarity Uncommon
A pen of morphine for intramuscular injection. Affects central nervous system directly and acts as an analgesic. Used for pain relief of severe injuries — In-game description

The Morphine Auto-Injector temporarily removes the negative effects of Low Health to survivor's movement. For its one minute duration, survivors are able to run without limping and perform normal movement tasks like jumping, climbing and sprinting.

Morphine Auto-Injector also decreases the Shock damage caused by walking with a broken leg by 90%, allowing survivors to walk 10 times more before passing out from the pain.

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