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Mountain Backpack
Mountain Backpack Red.png
Category Clothing > Backpacks
Inventory Slot Back
Size 5x7 (35 Slots)
Capacity 10x8 (80 Slots)
Hotbar Bonus 0 Slot(s)
Weight 2.3 kg
Absorbency 79%
Durability 150
Repairable With Duct Tape, Sewing Kit
Insulation Best (1)
Locations Civilian, Camping, Infected
Rarity Uncommon
Variants Blue, Green, Orange, Red
Tall mountaineering backpack made from hi-tech materials. Spacious but sort of noticeable.
~ In-game description

It is used as an external and separate means of storing items from the player's main inventory and therefore enables the player able to carry more items.

Since the Mountain Backpack is as big as the upper body of the player and is only available in bright colors, it can make you stand out to other players. It also makes you unable to look over your shoulders in the first person view, a hindrance if you need to look around while running. If a player has access to multiple colors of Mountain Backpack, the green color is preferable because it offers the best camouflage in woodland areas. For these reasons players may want to look for a Field Backpack instead, which has even more space while offering better camouflage, or sacrifice storage space for packs with much smaller profiles such as the Hunter Backpack or Assault Backpack.



  • The Mountain Backpack is based upon the Travel Sport 50L Outdoor Camping Mountain Hiking Backpack.
  • Before a certain update, the Mountain Backpack was repaired with a Leather Sewing Kit.