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NV-PVS4 Scope
Category Attachments > Optics
Used By M4-A1, Pioneer, SG5-K, USG-45, LAR, SVAL
Repairable With Electrical Repair Kit
Power Source 9V Battery (Optional)
Energy Use 0.02
Size 4x3 (12 Slots)
Weight 2 kg (4 lb)
Absorbency 0
Dispersion -0.001
Type Telescopic Sight with Night Vision
Magnification 3.5x
Variable Zoom No
Zeroing 100m - 700m
Use Seperately Yes
Locations static Gas zones
Rarity Extremely Rare
A standardized rail-mounted, 3.5x magnifying night vision scope. Powered by 9V battery. Known as the ""starlight scope"" among western forces. — In-game description


The NV-PVS4 Scope is a magnifying night vision scope for western firearms in DayZ. The use of the night vision feature requires a 9V Battery. The NV-PVS4 Scope, like the 1PN51 Scope, consumes 0.02 energy per second and therefore consumes one battery every 42 minutes of active use.


  • The use of the night vision feature in the NV-PVS4 Scope requires a 9V Battery, and the sight cannot function without one. Attempting to use the NV-PVS4 Scope without one will result in a completely black scope vision with a green reticle.
  • The NV-PVS4 Scope, alongside its eastern variant (1PN51 Scope), now features a toggle-able day/night-mode. By holding the scope in hands, the player can switch between the different modes (indicated by if the cover is on or not). This makes the night-vision scope useful during the day as well.