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Nadbór is the largest southern city in Livonia and can be located in the south-central region of the map. Everything needed for supplies can be found here.

General[ | ]

A city of meandering roads. Nadbór was the main hub for military personal and civilians living in the area to resupply on goods. When the Infected reached the city, it is hard to tell whether the town was caught by surprise or faired well. A last-ditch effort can be seen at the Police Station, where rubble barricades were made by locals. There aren't any roadblocks surrounding the town so one could say the city initially faired well against the Infected. Most likely due to the multiple military bases scattered around the town. For this reason, Survivors should use caution. The majority of Bandits and Survivors look to this town for resupplying food, water, medical supplies, and even military loot. The city center has mangled roads and a dangerous Water Pump that leaves you exposed on almost all sides. Clearing buildings is a necessity before filling up your Canteen with water. The close west and further east side of Nadbór houses a couple of small military bases. A solo Civilian Barracks can also be found in the ruined village of Drewniki just north Nadbór. There are no other cities nearby and many Survivors are forced to scavenge here. The Fire Station is one of the largest points of interest in this town, for having a Firefighter Jacket and Firefighter Pants can prove vital to surviving the cruel rains of Livonia. Recently, as of 1.19, the old industrial area on the outskirts of the town have been completely destroyed and instead converted into a large quarry including a massive industrial factory in its place. The new area is known for spawning high tier explosives and even the chance to spawn a grenade launcher in one of the military barracks.

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