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Nadezhda (Russian: Надежда, translated as "Hope") is a recreational camp found in the centre of South Zagoria. The camp is accessible via the main road between Novy Sobor and Mogilevka, an unpaved track from the south-west of Stary Sobor or an unpaved track from the Kumyrna direction.

General[ | ]

Nadezhda is a modestly sized camp nestled in woodland south of Novy Sobor; facilities include a clinic, lodge, coach park, sports field, a well and five of the iconic camp houses present at all camps. Various utility buildings would have been operated by staff to maintain the site and its grounds. A small stream, originating from Stary Sobor, runs through the boundaries of the camp. This site is similar to other recreational camps such as Pobeda, designed to accommodate holidaymakers for leisure rather than children for educational purposes, which was the function of summer camps (like Arsenyevo).

The camp is a frequent stop for survivors coming from the southern and eastern coastal areas traversing the central region. It is worth being weary should one decide to loot the camp, as it is easy for other survivors to approach unnoticed, whether intentionally or not, due to the tree cover and geography of the camp making it difficult to see the entire camp from a single vantage point.

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