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Normalized Suppressor
Category Attachments > Muzzle
Used By KA-M, KA-101, KA-74, KAS-74U, VSD
Repairable With Gun Cleaning Kit
Size 3x1 (3 Slots)
Weight 100 g (0.2 lb)
Absorbency 0
Dispersion -0.0001
Noise Reduction 90%
Locations Static Gas Zones
Rarity Extremely Rare
A muzzle device for select rifles used by Eastern forces. Reduces sound intensity and muzzle flash generated by firing. — In-game description

The Normalized Suppressor is a muzzle attachment for eastern rifles in DayZ. The Normalized Suppressor significantly reduces the sound and muzzle flash produced by the weapon when it is fired while also providing a dispersion reduction bonus, increasing the overall accuracy of the weapon.
The Normalized Suppressor will take a different amount of shots to ruin according to caliber of the weapon it's attached to. You can read more about that in the Durabillity section.

Performance[ | ]

The performance table below shows improvements or reductions in the various aspects of a weapon's performance. The base column is the named stat of the listed weapon with no attachments.

Weapon Base Dispersion Dispersion with Normalized Suppressor Accuracy Improvement
KA-M 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
KA-101 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
KA-74 0.002 0.0019 5%
KAS-74U 0.003 0.0029 3.33%
VSD 0.00075 0.00065 13.33%

Durabillity[ | ]

How many rounds will be suppressed before the Normalized Suppressor is ruined/breaks:

Caliber Round Count Mag Count
5.45x39mm Rounds 168 Rounds 5.6 30rd Magazines
5.56x45mm Rounds 144 Rounds 4.8 30rd Magazines
7.62x39mm Rounds 71 Rounds 2.36 30rd Magazines
0.95 75rd Drums
7.62x54mmR Rounds 71 Rounds 7.1 10rd Magazines

Trivia[ | ]

  • This suppressor is based on the real-life TGP-A suppressor used to remove flash on AK-74 rifles during covert/nighttime missions.
  • The Suppressor East was introduced to the game inside Teddy Bears, among other useful items under Christmas Trees, as part of the 0.52 update. The item was then renamed to Normalized Suppressor for 1.0.