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Inaccessible Location
Referenced Location

This location does not feature in either ChernarusPlus or Enoch (Livonia Terrain) and is only referenced by in-game maps, road signs and items.

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General Information
Category Referenced Locations
Grid Reference N/A
Loot Tier N/A
Calm Bay Sign.jpg
A sign near Calm Bay pointing to Novigrad

Novigrad is the capital city of Chernarus, located on the south-west coast of the country. The name of the city is likely derived from the Serbian words for "new" (Нови) and "city" (град). Novigrad is only mentioned through the in-game maps seen throughout Chernarus+ and ArmA II, and is not within the playable area of South Zagoria.


As seen in multiple references throughout Chernarus+ and ArmA II's Chernarus maps, Novigrad appears on the south coastline with the Green Sea, nearby the border with neighbouring country Takistan. Besides in-game map models depicting Novigrad alongside the rest of Chernarus, not much else is known about the city.

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