Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod:Oil Barrel.

Oil Barrel
OilBarrel Green.png
Version 1.10
Category Equipment > Large Storage
Size 150 Slots (10x15)
Weight 10 kg (22 lb)
Absorbency 0.1%
Storage Specs.
Capacity 150 Slots (10x15)
Volume 200000 ml
Buriable No
Heavy Yes
Lifespan 45 Days
Locations Farm, Industrial
Rarity Uncommon
Variants Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
Oil barrel for storing stuff and various liquids in large volumes. Used to catch water or craft things over time. — In-game description

The Oil Barrel is a large, persistent storage container which usually spawns in industrial areas and sheds. Due to its size and weight, it can only be carried with your hands and has a lid which you can open or close.

Current Uses

  1. As a container to store items.
  2. As a container to store gasoline or water.
    1. Liquids can be stored additionally, no matter if items are stored inside. But beware: when storing items together with liquids, they will instantly get wet.
    2. If left open in the outside, it will slowly start storing rainwater.
    3. Liquids can be poured into and drained out of the barrel using another container (e.g. Plastic Bottle, Canteen, etc.)
  3. As cooking place when converted into a fire barrel (see for details).


This page contains information about a DayZ item that is currently not spawning/craftable, and/or is not functional - but is not a removed or replaced item, in Stable branch.
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is not available.

The Oil Barrel is required for a number of useful crafting recipes, allowing a player to dye clothing and convert items into other items. The barrel itself can also be converted into a Fire Barrel, which essentially turns it into a deployable fireplace for cooking.

Note: In 1.07 all crafting recipes got removed. In 1.10 tanning of leather has been reimplemented, but doesn't need a barrel anymore.

Dyeing Clothes


NOTE: Bleaching will only work with a T-Shirt or Armband as of 0.61. It can be done to any existing color of either item, the above are just examples.

Adding Color (Cloth)

NOTE: The items listed above are only ingredients that can be used for dyeing T-Shirts and Armbands. They must be combined in correct proportions in a barrel along with the item to be dyed. A color chart with the exact amounts of each item needed to achieve specific colors can be found here: Color Wheel by Setup & FalconRP

Changing Color (Leather)

NOTE: The above are only examples of what is possible. For exact amounts of each ingredient needed to dye a particular piece of clothing, please visit the article for that specific clothing item.

Creating Items


NOTE: Fertilizer created using the amounts above is 10%. More of each ingredient in proportion can be used to achieve a similarly higher amount of fertilizer.

Tanned Leather
10% - 30%

NOTE: The above is only an example of how to tan pelts into leather. The amount of Garden Lime required will vary between pelts, and so will the number of Tanned Leather produced by each type of pelt.

Barrel with Holes

NOTE: Once a barrel has been converted to a Barrel with Holes, it cannot be reverted back into a normal barrel and loses its functionality in terms of crafting and storage.

See Also


  • Full use as an equipment item was added in version 0.56. Prior to that point, the barrel was just an environmental object.
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