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Oreshka Pass (Russian: Перевал Орешка, Oreshka Pereval, translated as "Nut Pass") is a hill pass located west of Baranchik in south-eastern area of South Zagoria.

General[ | ]

Oreshka Pass is formed by Baranchik to the east and another (unnamed) hill to the west, allowing a single paved road to connect the villages of Staroye and Shakovka. A large power line originating from Elektrozavodsk cuts through the middle of the pass and can be reliably used to reach the town of Gorka further north. Half-way down the pass there is also a rest point for hikers travelling along the red hiking trail, from Nad Mstoy via Baranchik, and the blue hiking trail, between Polyana and Kumyrna.

The only source of loot in the area is a single deer stand found on the western edge of the pass in a treeline.

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