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PU scope
PU Scope - pristine
The PU scope in DayZ.
Required slots: 2 (2 × 1)
Effect on weapon: Magnified sights
Compatible with: Mosin 9130SKS
Location(s): Everywhere
Rarity: Uncommon
3.5x scope of Soviet manufacture from WW2 era.
— In-game description

The PU scope is a type of optics attachment which can be attached to various rifles in DayZ. It occupies two inventory slots horizontally.

The PU scope can be attached to both the Mosin 9130 and the SKS rifles to aid with aiming, providing the shooter with 3.5x magnification. The magnified sights of the PU scope make it significantly easier for the shooter to spot and dispatch targets at range. Note that the zoom effect is roughly equivelant to simply using your iron sights, but you now have the aid of a recticle to speed aiming.

Any quality below worn will cause visual damage such as cracks and scratches which will hinder the scopes aiming ability.

As of Change Log - 0.42.116181, the PU scope only zooms ~1.39x compared to the real life 3.5x magnification.

Image gallery

PU Scope - pristine An pu scope in pristine condition.

PU Scope An pu scope in badly damaged condition.

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