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Piano House
Land House 2B03.png
Locations All Across Chernarus
Tags Village
Types Weapons/Ammo/Attachments Clothes Containers&Storage Food&Drink Tools&Equipment
Loot Count Average
Floors 2
Entrances 3

Piano House is a type of house in DayZ Standalone. This structure takes its name from a blood-stained grand piano that can be found on the first floor. This building spawns a variety of civilian-tier loot, including Food and Drink, Weapons, and Equipment.

The first floor can be accessed via doors on three of the four sides of the building. The first floor is a single large room connected to each entrance by a short hallway. A single staircase allows access to the top floor of the house. The top floor consists of an open room at the top of the stairs and a small office with a door opposite the staircase.

Defending the first floor of this building is difficult due to the number of ground-floor entrances. The top floor, on the other hand, offers an angle of the staircase (the only way upstairs) and has the office with a door, making the top floor of Piano Houses reasonably defendable. Common all throughout Chernarus, these structures are most often found in larger residential areas.