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Plastic Bottle Suppressor
Category Attachments > Muzzle
Used By CR-61 Skorpion, USG-45, M4-A1, KA-M, CR-527, SK 59/66, M70 Tundra, Mosin 91/30, VSD, LAR, Pioneer
Size 1x3 (3 Slots)
Weight 50 g (0.11 lb)
Absorbency 0
Durability 7
Dispersion -0.0001
Noise Reduction 80%
Locations Crafted
An improvised muzzle device for firearms. Reduces sound intensity and muzzle flash generated by firing. Very flimsy. — In-game description

The Plastic Bottle Suppressor is a crafted muzzle attachment for the several firearms in DayZ Standalone. The Plastic Bottle Suppressor reduces the sound and muzzle flash produced by the weapon when it is fired while also providing a dispersion reduction bonus, increasing the overall accuracy of the weapon.


The performance table below shows improvements or reductions in the various aspects of a weapon's performance. The base column is the named stat of the listed weapon with no attachments. Not up to date as of 1.10, needs a overhaul

Weapon Base Dispersion Dispersion with Plastic Bottle Suppressor Accuracy Improvement
CR-61 Skorpion 0.003 0.0029 3.33%
USG-45 0.003 0.0029 3.33%
CR-527 0.001 0.0009 10%
SK 59/66 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
Mosin 91/30 0.001 0.0009 10%
M4-A1 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
Pioneer 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
KA-M 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
KA-101 0.0015 0.0014 6.67%
KA-74 0.002 0.0019 5%
KAS-74U 0.003 0.0029 3.33%
VSD 0.00075 0.00065 13.33%
LAR 0.001 0.0009 10%


How many rounds will be suppressed before the Plastic Bottle Suppressor is ruined/breaks:

Caliber Round Count
.22 LR Rounds 13 Rounds
.380 ACP Rounds 9 Rounds
9x19mm Parabellum Rounds 9 Rounds
.45 ACP Rounds 7 Rounds
.357 Magnum Rounds 7 Rounds
5.56x45mm Rounds 5 Rounds
5.45x39mm Rounds 7 Rounds
7.62x39mm Rounds 2 Rounds
7.62x54mmR Rounds 2 Rounds
.308 WIN Rounds 2 Rounds


It should be noted that the resulting condition of the crafted Plastic Bottle Suppressor is dependent entirely on the Plastic Bottle, and not the condition of the Duct Tape.

Waterbottle New.png
Duct Tape.png