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Player Memorials are unmarked locations found across the South Zagoria region of Chernarus. Dedicated to deceased members of the DayZ community, these memorials are often placed where they last logged-off.

Phil's Grave[ | ]

Phil's Grave Location

On December 12th, 2017, a status report on Steam was released about how the DayZ Team and Steam Community built a memorial for Phil in the game. December 12th was also Phil's birthday, and his DayZ friends wrote in to both the DayZ and Steam team "We met him at the very beginning of DayZ Standalone near the Rify in that old helicopter crash site (one of these that did not spawn randomly). It was a pretty hilarious situation and me and him did'nt see each other until the moment we both went inside the helicopter. We both panic so hard :D Even thought most of the players shought on sight at this time, we did not and 2 minutes later we both laught so hard together in his teamspeak. It was the beginning of the best friendship in my whole life. There are so much more great memories we shared together because of DayZ. Me and my whole squad really want to thank you for this memories." This was the letter that Phil's best friend sent in. Phil died of a tragic accident that year and now Tim, Max, Nils, Dominik, Vincent, and Jonas have something to remember him by.

Phils' Grave can be found at points (13484 / 11366). This is just following along the tracks by the Rify shipwreck.

Poisonantler's Bench[ | ]

Our community lost one of its members and a great streamer. Jen, known as Poisonantler[], died under unfortunate circumstances on 8th March. We decided among the dev team to commemorate her by placing a small cross and a bench in the place where she disconnected for the last time. Location reference 2899/3920.

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The Three Graves[ | ]