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Not to be confused with Pobeda Dam.

Pobeda (Russian: Победа, translated as "Victory") is a large recreational camp found in the far north of the Chernarussian region of South Zagoria, a short distance from the Russian border. The camp is fairly isolated due to its elevated position; despite this, the camp remains a lucrative target for survivors transiting the northern regions of the province.

General[ | ]

Pobeda is perched atop the Black Rocks formation, overlooking Tisy and the southern approaches to Grozovoy Pass, offering scenic, if exposed, views of the general area. The camp itself is large and diverse, boasting six camp houses, two civilian barracks, a lodge and a clinic. A small maintenance area adjoins the main body of the camp, consisting of a shed and small water tower. Both bears and packs of wolves are known to lurk in the forests close to camp. This recreational camp most likely accommodated tourists and holidaymakers pre-outbreak for leisure purposes.

Survivors moving between the New Fields, Stary Yar and Grozovoy Pass area are most likely to stop-by the camp as it is one of the most desirable loot locations in the area, second only to Tisy Military Base further to the west.

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