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Not to be confused with Pobeda.

Pobeda Dam (Russian: Плотина Победа, Plotina Pobeda, translated as "Victory Dam") is a medium-sized hydro-electric dam found between Novodmitrovsk and Svergino.

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Pobeda Dam was constructed in the 1970s under an initiative by the government of the then Chernarussian Autonomic Republic to generate more electricity for local industrial centres and reduce the effect seasonal winter flooding was having on the coastal road and rail network . Topolka Dam was constructed roughly at the same time for the same reasons.[1]

Today, Pobeda Dam is one of three major dams in South Zagoria (the others being the aforementioned Topolka Dam and the larger Tishina Dam). The electricity generated here is distributed among Novodmitrovsk to the east and Zaprudnoye to the west, presumably making it the lynchpin of the northern area's electrical infrastructure pre-outbreak.

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