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Type Illness
Effects Blood Damage,
Water Loss
Duration Short
Causes Consumption of Disinfectant,
Gasoline or Alcohol Tincture
Treatment Charcoal Tablets

Poisoning is a type of illness in DayZ Standalone.


Poisoning is caused from the consumption or forced consumption of Disinfectant, Gasoline or Alcohol Tincture.


Sys Crystal important.png
While Survivors can become poisoned, the effects below have been temporarily disabled in 1.04

Players will begin to vomit. This lasts until the poisoning has been stopped.
While suffering from Poisoning, survivors are subject to the following effects:

Chemical Poisoning
Stat Loss Total
Water 50 750
Blood 5 75


In the event of Poisoning, consuming Charcoal Tablets will neturalize the poison, stopping all effects.