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Gui IconBacteria
Type Illness
Symptoms Vomiting, fatigue
Effects Energy Loss,Water Loss, lower Stamina regeneratior
Duration Short
Causes Consumption of Gasoline, burned/rotten food or Unknown Food Cans

Poisoning is a type of illness in DayZ.

Cause[ | ]

Poisoning is caused from the consumption of Gasoline, burned/rotten food, or Unknown Food Cans.

Prevention[ | ]

Avoid consuming Gasoline, burned/rotten food or Unknown Food Cans entirely. Or consume them in small portions at a time to allow the poison to disappear from survivor's body before eating and drinking more. It takes 2.5 minutes for a maximum dose of poison that hasn't induced the illness to clear.

Although all rotten and burned fruits, vegetables and mushrooms are poisonous, it is safe to eat one single of these items in one go, because none of them alone will have enough poison to trigger the illness. (Some larger items may need a brief break midway to avoid vomiting from overeating.)

Effects[ | ]

The survivor will begin to vomit intermittently and get fatigued (slow stamina regeneration). This lasts until the poisoning has ended.
Each vomit will cause a loss 70 mL of Water, 55 kcal of Energy, and all stamina.

Treatment[ | ]

There is no cure for poisoning, it will pass within 7 minutes without treatment.

In somewhat unrealistic fashion, taking Tetracycline antibiotics will shorten the recovery time by 33% and also slightly extend the amount of poison that can be ingested before getting ill.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In past versions of the game, Charcoal Tablets could be used to cure the poisoning.