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(Version 1.04)

Power Sub-Stations and End Stations are located throughout and serve to bring electricity from the power plant to the various towns and cities of Chernarus.

There are two sub-stations and four end stations within the system.


The Vysotovo Sub-Station

Sub-Stations are the major waypoints for electricity between the power plant and its ultimate destination at one of the end stations. There are only two. They both contain one small lootable building.

End Stations[]

End Stations are the last stop for the electrical utility service of Chernarus. Once the lines have passed a sub-station, they make their way to one of four end stations which are all located in or nearby to a town.

*coordinates are based on "iZurvive Map" for DayZ Version 1.04*


*Chapaevsk has been renamed to Vysotovo*