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Proud Chernarus (Russian: Гордая Чернарусь, Gordaya Chernarus) is a small recreational camp wedged between Sosnovka and Green Mountain in South Zagoria, Chernarus.

General[ | ]

Found at the terminus of a picturesque unpaved track, Proud Chernarus is one of the least developed camps in the region, comprising only four camp houses and a lodge; a small body of water, likely the result of artificial irrigation, can be found in the centre of the camp. Uncharacteristically for camps, Proud Chernarus does not posses even the most rudimentary of fences. It is the smallest of all recreational camps, in which role it would have hosted families and tourists pre-outbreak.

Given the camp's proximity to both Zelenogorsk and Green Mountain, it is a frequently visited destination, despite the comparatively little loot compared to some of the larger camps.

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