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Radar Cap
Radar Cap Brown.png
Category Clothing > Hats
Inventory Slot Headgear
Size 3x2 (6 Slots)
Hotbar Bonus 0 Slot(s)
Weight 160 g
Absorbency 100%
Durability 40
Repairable With Sewing Kit, Duct Tape
Insulation High (0.8)
Locations Civilian
Rarity Common
Variants Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red
A warm hat that covers most of the head, including ears and forehead.
~ In-game description

Suffering the same failings as all knit caps (inability to wick moisture, poor protection), the Radar Cap is useful only for prestige and as beginning gear. Commonly known as the 'Jeep Cap' used by the United States Military in night operations.



The name "Radar Cap" is likely a nod to the character "Radar" (named so for his excellent hearing) from the hit 1970s TV show, M*A*S*H, in which he wears this style of knit cap in brown.