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Radio Towers are a type of structure in DayZ. There are six types of self-supporting towers across the Chernarussian province of South Zagoria and the Topolin-Nadbór Region in Livonia.

Chernarus[ | ]

Small Radio Tower (TC1)[ | ]

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These are the smallest and most common of the four types of radio tower found in the region. These towers are typically found at the peaks of hills and mountains dotting the landscape. They very nearly always have at least one small shed building at their base which may contain some loot. Infected also occasionally spawn nearby to these towers.

There are a total of 14 small radio towers across South Zagoria, found at Wolf Peak, Polonina, Erbenka, Vysota, near Rog, Skalisty, Three Valleys, Forest Ridge, Vybor Air Base, Saint Roman, Krasnoye, Ostry, Sokol and outside Turovo.

Medium Radio Tower (TC3)[ | ]

There are two of these moderately-sized towers in South Zagoria - one at the peak of Olsha and the other at Altar as part of the Radio Zenit facility.

Large Radio Tower (TC4)[ | ]

This tower is unique in the region for being the only one of its type; it is practically a large and more imposing version of the medium radio tower described above. This tower can only be found at the Radio Zenit facility atop Altar, west of Gorka. Climbing this tower will take a survivor to the highest point on the ChernarusPlus map (Saint Roman being the highest natural point).

Green Mountain Radio Tower (TC2)[ | ]

Like the large radio tower above, this tower is the the only one of its type in the region. Located at the small military facility at the peak of Green Mountain, this is the tallest man-made structure in South Zagoria; coupled with its location at the height of a mountain, this structure is easily seen from extreme distances in any direction where there is a line of sight - farther than any other single location in the game. This makes it not only easy to find, but also a good reference point when travelling the south-west of the region.

The structure is large enough to have its own interior, consisting of a single entrance at its base which leads into a narrow hallway, in-turn leading to a ladder well and another small room with access to a small balcony that circles the outside of the tower, giving an excellent vantage point and good view of the surrounding area.

Livonia[ | ]

Wide Radio Tower (TC5)[ | ]

There are two of these radio towers found in the Topolin-Nadbór region - one at Krsnik and another outside Polana.

Thin Radio Tower (TC6)[ | ]

Three of these radio towers can be found throughout the region - one outside Lukow, one at Krsnik and another at Rodzanica.

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