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Radio Zenit (Russian: Радио Зенит) was a major radio station in South Zagoria pre-outbreak; it can be found near Altar, west of Gorka.

General[ | ]

Situated atop Altar, The Radio Zenit facility is host to a unique building, two radio towers and a military guardhouse.

The building itself has 5 rooms (control room, recording studio, bathroom, cloakroom and maintenance room). Inside the control room there is a radio control panel, which can broadcast to any transceiver anywhere in the region. The two radio towers can be found at the summit of Altar itself, with various smaller radio masts and antennas at their base. Climbing the larger of the two towers will take a survivor to one of the tallest points they can travel to in the South Zagoria region.

Given the large quantity of wrecked military vehicles, the CDF clearly deemed the radio station to be a key asset; it is likely the station was used to broadcast situational information relating to the outbreak to the Chernarussian populace, prior to being overrun.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Zenith (ЗЕНИТ) Radio Station was previously called the Zenit Radio Station (ЗЭНИТ) but has been changed on the station model since its introduction.