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Radunin Medical

A view of the largest area of Radunin - a medical facility, including both military and medical loot of a high-tier.

Radunin is a permanent Contaminated Zone and military base on Livonia. Located in the middle of the map, close to Lembork, it spawns a lot of high-tier military loot, but requires a full NBC suit and gas mask with a filter to visit without dying. It boasts 3 major locations - a military-medical zone, and two medium-sized military zones, all of which spawn loot respective to their loot tags.

Because of its nature of being a Contaminated Zone, Radunin does not get a lot of player traffic, and provides a very good location for getting high-tier military loot such as the SVAL or M4-A1. The downside of this being the time investment of tracking down each piece of NBC gear required to enter the city.

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