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This page contains information about a DayZ element, mechanic, or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this page does not apply to the current version of the game or the content is no longer available.

This page will act as a portal for everything that has been removed or drastically altered during the development of DayZ Standalone. A full collection of articles and files related to this topic can be found in the Historical Content category.

Removed Content due to Content Updates or Game Changes[]

Bad Connection Quality.

Poor Connection Quality.

High Desync.

Low Desync.




Sub Machine Gun











Shirts and Jackets

Food and Drink



Arma / Operation Flashpoint (Legacy)



Points of Interest


These are actions that you used to be able to perform which have been removed either temporarily or permanently.

  • Fireplace Trap - It was once possible to leave Spraypaint or Ammunition in a Fireplace which would later pop off or explode to distract or harm other players.
  • Medical Tent Healing - Though it might not have ever actually functioned, the menu option remained to "heal" yourself when interacting with a Medical Tent. There is anecdotal evidence that it may have restored your bone stat, but this was hard to prove at the time because this stat was not as well understood or developed. This interaction was eventually removed entirely, and was also a holdover from Arma II.


DayZ originally carried over many aspects of its environment from Arma II, including ambiance as well as effects that don't involve player interaction. These have since been changed as components of the game are replaced or they have been removed in anticipation of replacement.

  • Ambient sounds (chain fence, animals, etc.)
  • Animals (rabbit, birds)
  • Nighttime (completely dark, no natural light)
  • Rainbows
  • Old radio (from Operation Flashpoint, see here)

User Interface[]

The inventory and other aspects of the UI have been majorly overhauled on several occasions throughout DayZ's development, bringing and taking away features and style items along with it.

  • All written status indicators in Inventory.
  • All first-person text status indicators on the left-side of the screen.
  • UI for indication of connection status, such as connection quality and desync. These were carried over from Arma 2, and only were seen in early versions of DayZ until at an unknown update they ceased completely from use, but remained in the game files.


Major bugs that were removed in early versions of DayZ were primarily carry over bugs from Arma 2.

Front view of the seagull model.

Point of view players saw when controlling the seagull.

  • "Seagull Bug" - Was a major bug that was removed early on in DayZ's development, it allowed players to control a bird (Seagull) after joining into a server. Although the mere chance of this bug happening was extremely rare, it only occurred after a player would join into a server and their screen remained black with "Please Wait" printed out on the never ending screen. But pressing the escape key removed the black screen and the player was allowed to see the environment with the option menu screen overlapping the game scenery. Seemingly odd, the player was then able to see a floating bird hovering over the exact spot over their character's last logout spot. Pressing the default key buttons for normal movement allowed the seagull to float and steer into any direction the player wanted it to. Interestingly enough, other players could not see the Seagull and prompted the player an abusive advantage of ghosting, the bug was also known to occur in Arma 2 but used a normal bird model instead of the Seagull as seen in DayZ. This bug was believed to be fixed around version 0.50 at the near end of 2014.

Things That Have Been Majorly Changed[]

Old Models[]

These are items or objects which are still in the game, but have seen a major revision to their appearance.

Food and Drink

Revised Function[]

These are items which have seen their abilities or connection with other items change over the course of development.


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