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Resources, one of the four primary categories of loot in DayZ Standalone, refers to any item or material whose primary purpose is either in the creation of another object or as a fuel source. Additionally, resources do not spawn like normal items. They instead must be harvested or collected from the landscape, vegetation, wildlife or specific locations around Chernarus. Almost all resources have no individual actions or use and must be used in combination with another item. While resources primarily consist of natural materials (e.g. Bark, Seeds), they can be man-made (e.g. Gasoline, Wooden Planks).

Although sometimes confused with crafting items, resources does not cover these items as they spawn normally around Chernarus and typically have individual uses of their own. Resources also does not include fruits, vegetables, meat or other edible items that can be collected or harvested as they are typically only used as food.


Resources in this category are harvested and collected from the Wildlife around Chernarus. These items can be used in everything from crafting tools and weapons to clothing and even light sources.





Resources in this category are harvested and collected from the Vegetation around Chernarus. These items are used in Horticulture, dyeing clothing, Base Building and in making tools and weapons.





Resources in this category are harvested and collected from the Landscape around Chernarus. While this category only contains Stone, which currently has limited use, it also contains Water. Water is an essential ingredient for survival in DayZ Standalone and can be used for more than just a survivors consumption.


Resources in this category are collected from key locations around Chernarus. These items are used in Base Building and as fuel for Vehicles and Power Generators.

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