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Rify (Russian: Рифы, translated as "Reef") is a cape extending into the Green Sea between Berezino and Svetloyarsk on the east coast of South Zagoria, Chernarus.

General[ | ]

The south-facing side of Rify is particularly rocky, and most likely explains why a large ship ran aground here. Adjacent to the south-west is a medium-sized area of marshland, along with several large lifeboats, suggesting that the crew of the aforementioned ship were able to successfully evacuate and possibly survive long enough to make it ashore. This general area, extending from the shipwreck to the marshland, is contaminated with PO-X gas; survivors will need to procure a full set of NBC clothing and a suitable gas mask should they desire to explore the contaminated zone unhindered.

The central and northern portions of Rify are a lot less remarkable, consisting mostly of forest and generic shoreline.

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