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Shipwreck n
View on rify. Coordinates: [137;042].

Rify is the location of a beached cargo ship on the north-eastern shoreline of Chernarus+, north of Berezino. The shipwreck is located at grid coordinates 137 042.[1]

There are open cargo containers that are spread out around the shipwreck. The shipwreck has a broken hull which allows the player access to both the bow and the stern halves of the ship.

All levels are accessible and contain loot. The cargo bays and decks tend to spawn clothing, whereas the crew quarters and bridge tend to spawn weapons, food and military-grade loot.[1]

The shipwreck is also a main focus point on the DayZ lore, its thought to be what brought the infected to Chernarus. The open containers being the storage of infected.

The shipwreck has:

  • Cargo holds on both halves of the ship, with multiple levels.
  • Crew quarters (similar to barracks rooms).
  • Bridge

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