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Romashka (Russian: Ромашка, translated as "Chamomile") is a remote summer camp in South Zagoria, Chernarus. It is situated between Devil's Castle to the west and Novy Lug to the east, with Gvozdno a short distance further north.

General[ | ]

Romashka is a moderately-sized sophisticated camp, comprising a lodge, medical centre, five camp houses, two sheds, a storage unit, water pump and a sports field, making it one of the more diverse camps in the region. The camp is comparatively isolated, with only the road north to Gvozdno providing any kind of link to wider civilisation; the camp can reliably be accessed by following either this road or the red hiking trail north of Altar. Pre-outbreak, in its capacity as a summer camp, Romashka would have hosted groups of children for a variety of, presumably, educational and physical activities (as evidenced by the sports field). Survivors should be weary of wolf packs roaming the general area.

Given that the camp is located in the less-travelled north-central region, survivors who visit this camp are often either stopping-by on their way to Devil's Castle, stopping-by on their way from the Verkhnaya Dubrovka/Gorka/Altar areas or are actively going out-of-their-way to visit the camp.

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