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SG5-K Lightweight Buttstock
Category Attachments > Buttstocks
Used By SG5-K
Size 1x3 (3 Slots)
Weight 450 g (0.99 lb)
Absorbency 0
Dispersion -0.00025
Locations Military
Rarity Very Rare
A lightweight buttstock for SG5-K submachine gun. — In-game description

The SG5-K Lightweight Buttstock is a weapon attachment for the SG5-K in DayZ Standalone. Like all buttstocks, the SG5-K Lightweight Buttstock reduces the weapon's dispersion cone, increasing the overall accuracy of the SG5-K. While the SG5-K Lightweight Buttstock does provide an accuracy bonus to the SG5-K as of 1.04 it does not actually fold or provide any additional functionality.


The performance table below shows improvements or reductions in the various aspects of a weapon's performance. The base column is the named stat of the listed weapon with no attachments.

Weapon Base Dispersion Dispersion with SG5-K Lightweight Buttstock Accuracy Improvement
SG5-K 0.003 0.00275 8.33%


  • The model in-game for the SG5-K Lightweight Buttstock is a Choate Machine & Tool side-folding stock for the MP5K-PDW. The stock can be folded to the right of the weapon to reduce the length of the weapon, although this feature is absent in-game.
  • In the 1.16 update, all the Folding Buttstocks were renamed to Lightweight Buttstocks.