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Saint Roman Ski Resort (Russian: Ски Резорт Св. Роман) is a large winter resort found in South Zagoria, the only one of its type in the region. The main resort is situated at the base of Saint Roman, while various pistes meander down the slope of the mountain, taking advantage of the 550 metre elevation.

General[ | ]

Facilities[ | ]

The resort itself comprises 8 camp houses, a pub and a medical centre. A main car pack is situated near the front of the resort that also has capacity for multiple buses. A series of gondola chairlifts provide quick access to the top of Saint Roman, from which skiers have a selection of five piste ski slopes, many of which overlap to create more elaborate routes. Also at the top of Saint Roman is a small pub and various kiosks for refreshment and rest. The area is integrated with the region-wide hiking trail network, with trials leading from the resort to the neighbouring villages of Sinystok and Vavilovo, as well as the neighbouring SKVSCh Biathlon Arena.

Pre-Outbreak[ | ]

The camp is well-paved and well-fenced, perhaps suggesting that its construction may have been closer to the Outbreak. The resort's proximity to the SKVSCh Biathlon Arena suggests that the general area was subject to a larger initiative to boost tourism in South Zagoria. Saint Roman Ski Resort likely contributed the cross-country skiing aspect of biathlon sports in the area, with the firing range at the arena contributing the shooting aspect.

Electricity for the resort would have been supplied via the Zaprudnoye substation.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • This ski resort was officially added in the 1.08 update.
  • Saint Roman Ski Resort is not marked on the in-game hiking map stands, but is marked as a location on hiking trail sign posts and on the in-game tourist map in the same font as a locality.