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Type Disease
Symptoms Vomiting
Causes Consuming raw or rotten meat, and eating/drinking with bloody hands.
Prevention Proper cooking of meat, washing hands
Treatment Charcoal Tablets or Multivitamin Pills

Salmonellosis, sometimes referred to as Salmonella or Food Poisoning is an infectious disease in DayZ.

Causes[ | ]

Survivors in DayZ can become infected with Salmonella bacteria by:

  • Eating uncooked or rotten meat, fat, or guts.
  • Drinking with bloody hands (i.e. without a bottle or a similar container).
  • Eating with bloody hands.
  • Receiving a blood transfusion from a survivor sick with Salmonellosis.

If the survivor's immune system is weak enough, these actions will result in Salmonellosis very quickly, within 1 to 1½ minutes, depending on how much salmonella the survivor has digested. The disease will reach its highest severity in only 6.5 minutes.

Symptoms[ | ]

  • Vomiting, which can quickly lead to severe hunger and dehydration by draining 310 kcal of energy and 450 mL of water each time. Vomiting occurs after eating or drinking too much, because the sick survivor's stomach can hold only 0.2 liters of content at a time without throwing up.
  • Other symptoms include the survivor making a pain noise, with vision throbbing and blurring briefly.

Prevention[ | ]

  • Cooking meat or fat before consumption will kill off the bacteria that cause Salmonellosis.
  • Washing bloody hands after butchering a carcass, and before eating and drinking, will remove the blood, preventing sickness.
  • Wearing gloves will stop bloody hands, and does not require you to wash your hands after preparing a carcass.
  • Avoiding eating raw or rotten animal products.

Salmonella has small chance of transferring from the survivor into the food they eat and water they drink, so avoid sharing those items with sick people. After recovering from the disease, this transmission can also cause a reinfection from the survivor's own water and leftover food, so any partly-eaten food items should be discarded, and all water either purified or poured out as a precaution.

Eating Multivitamin Pills when consuming salmonella-infected food or water will prevent the disease. When doing this, it's imperative to have the pill active for the whole duration of the digestion process. You can tell the digestion is complete when the small arrows above the energy and water HUD icons turn from up to down.

Treatment[ | ]

Curing Salmonellosis will take 1 to 3 charcoal tablets, or one multivitamin pill. When treating the disease with these, it's important to take another pill immediately after the previous one has worn off, otherwise Salmonellosis has a chance to grow and worsen, thus undoing the achieved recovery progress . Eating and drinking should be avoided during the treatment to prevent further ingestion of Salmonella bacteria, and also contaminating any consumables.

If no medication is available, the disease can also be cured naturally with the survivor's immune system by eating and drinking very slowly, and increasing the blood and health stats.

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