DayZ Wiki

Sarnówek is a small village located in the South-Western area of Livonia. It is connected via a main road to Topolin, and boasts a General Store, as well as a unique area containing numerous car wrecks in the north-eastern area of the village, spawning both car parts on the wrecks, as well the normal loot found in wrecked cars.

While appearing to be civilian in appearance, the buildings surrounding the General Store all spawn hunting loot, making it a great place to visit as you're starting to get your footing as a newly-spawned player, as various hunting Weapons can be found in and around the general area, including ammo for said weapons, and Hunting Scopes. This makes Sarnówek a great place for getting adequately geared.

Additionally, there is an Ada 4x4 spawn in the North-Eastern area, close to the General Store on the main road. This, combined with the unique wreck yard further up the road behind the hunting store, provides a great opportunity to get your hands on a vehicle in the early game, as both Spark Plugs and Car Batteries spawn within them.

Sarnówek also has a main road connection to Polana, which is surrounded by dense forests as you enter the Southern area of the map.