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LumberMill 5a.jpg
Version 1.04
Locations Cities, Towns
Tags Industrial
Types Clothes Containers&Storage Food&Drink Tools&Equipment
Loot Count Average
Floors 1
Entrances 3

The Sawmill is an industrial building used to process lumber in DayZ Standalone.


Sawmills are medium-sized industrial buildings, generally grouped together with Workshops and Warehouses, that were used to process lumber before the outbreak in Chernarus. While the Sawmill itself only contains an average amount of industrial loot, the real treasure to be found here are the piles of processed lumber. These wooden planks are essential in base building and can save survivors a lot of time and resources that would otherwise be spent chopping trees and cutting them into planks.

Collecting Wooden Planks[]

Lumber Pile

Lumber Piles randomly spawn around the Sawmills of Chernarus. In order to harvest the wooden planks, a survivor will need either a handsaw or a hacksaw. Once the saw is in hand, the survivor need only to walk up to the pile of planks and hold down the appropriate key/button when prompted. The amount of planks that are cut is affected by the soft skill system.

While the lumber piles contain a large amount of planks, generally more than can fit into a sedan, they are not infinite and can be completely consumed.