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Camp Scholar (Russian: Школьник, Shkolnik) is an isolated summer camp located in the extreme north-east of Chernarus; it can be accessed via an unpaved track from Belaya Polyana to the north-west.

General[ | ]

Camp Scholar, along with Youth Pioneer, ranks as the smallest and most bare-bones camp in South Zagoria, consisting of only three camp houses and nothing else. It is separated from the Turovskiy Pass area by another unnamed rocky hill, with direct access only available from the small village of Belaya Polyana, itself one of the most remote settlements in the region. Pre-outbreak this camp, as the name would suggest, would have been educational in nature, although the rudimentary facilities and lack of a central lodge may indicate that it was catered more for older students rather than young children.

Despite its remoteness, it is often looted by survivors coming from Berezhki to the south.

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