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Schools are multi-story structures. At the moment, there are only five schools in the Northeastern province "South Zagoria" in Chernarus. They are located in Elektrozavodsk, Vysotovo, Berezino, Severograd and Novaya Petrovka.

General[ | ]

Before the outbreak, Children up to teenagers of Chernarus were learning in schools, like reading and writing all the way to chemistry classes and language classes. From the time when people were evacuated, Chernarussian schools are remaining empty with basic stuff left inside like food and backpacks. The overall designs of the schools are of those during the Soviet times, the education system and layout of Chernarussian schools are also the same like in Ukraine and Russia. Since the schools in Chernarus are based on the soviet structure of education, children stay in the same school from the very first grade all the way to either the 10th or 11th grade, and then go on to graduate.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • On the info-boards you can see red headline "Základní škola - Chernarus". Základní škola means 'primary school' in Czech language. On one board there is also a photo of Berezino made in 1980.
  • Some of the dates on the boards have the year "2015" imprinted on them.
  • One info-board states there is a Russian language class, as both Chernarussian and Russian are spoken in Chernarus.