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"North City"
Severograd map.png
CategoryLocations > Towns and Cities
Grid Reference079 027
Severograd 3a.jpg
A View of Severograd
Hd sign severograd.png
Large City

The city of Severograd is a large city in the northwest of Chernarus.


Although Severograd isn't the largest city, it is typically plentiful with loot due to the dense city environment. It boasts a very unique layout among the larger cities in Chernarus, and is adjacent to other unique areas of importance such as the nearby quarry, a football field, and Devils Castle.

Severograd is surrouned by numerous other settlements. Directly north of the city is Kalinovka, with Kamensk, and its military base further northwest. Directly south is the village of Gvozdno; Svergino and Ratnoe are along the highway east and west respectively.



  • Severograd was implemented in version 0.48.124737 (August 2014) and the final layout of the city was finished in version 0.49
  • Prior to its completion, the town had road signs that said "under construction" instead of "Severograd."
  • Prior to 1.0, the Greater Severograd area included a small hamlet to the north named 'Mamino'. Consisting of just a few houses and a garage, this area was subsumed into Severograd in BETA and no longer exists as a village in its own right.