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Bright-Blue Check Shirt.png
Category Clothing > Shirts and Jackets
Inventory Slot Body
Size 3x2 (6 Slots)
Capacity 5x4 (20 Slots)
Hotbar Bonus 1 Slot(s)
Weight 270 g
Absorbency 100%
Durability 70
Repairable With Duct Tape, Sewing Kit
Rags 4
Insulation Low (0.4)
Locations Civilian
Rarity Common
Variants Black, Blue Check, Bright-Blue Check, Green Check, Red Check, White Check
A common long-sleeved, button up, cloth garment for the upper body made from polyester and cotton.
~ In-game description

The basic Shirt is a staple of any survival gear, and should be kept clean, dry, and serviceable. When dealing with shirts, search out those with neutral or earthy colors, as this will make it easier to blend in with nature while you move through the countryside. When entering populated areas, greens and greys will be your best choice.

It can be torn into Rags.