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In DayZ the Shock stat is a representation of the amount of trauma your character's body has sustained in a short period of time.

Players regain from Shock in a few ways: when they sustain certain injuries (e.g. gunshot wound, attack Infected), from certain illnesses or when they lose too much Blood. Sustaining severe Shock will cause a character to fall unconscious for a period of time.

Shock naturally regenerates on its own at a relatively quick pace. Still, there are medical treatments available should a Survivor suffer from Shock.

Overview[ | ]

Range Shock Amount Effects
Maximum 100 100 None
Minimum 0 51+ Regain Consciousness
Starting 100 26 - 50 None
0 - 25 Unconsciousness

Shock, a core stat in DayZ, is more abstract that the other three core stats. Rather than representing a direct facet of a character's state, Shock instead represents the amount of trauma (and ensuing circulatory issues) a character's body has received in a short period of time. While not exactly the same as its real life counterpart [Shock], the underlying causes are similar.

In DayZ, loss of Shock is cause by certain injuries, a drop in blood pressure due to too much Blood loss or suffering from stage 3 Gas Poisoning.

As of update 1.10, shock status is shown as a visual effect when taking damage (bullet, melee, fall damage, etc.). This makes it considerably easier to track how much shock you have sustained. However, shock damage is not shown when suffering from blood loss.

While falling unconscious definitely leaves a Survivor vulnerable, it is not necessarily a death sentence. Relative to both Blood and Health, Shock regenerates rather quickly, even when unconscious. As long as a character's wounds aren't too serious or they have been bandaged, the character will regain consciousness within a couple of minutes. Additionally, the use of an Epinephrine Auto-Injector will instantly restore a character's Shock value back to its maximum value allowing them to regain consciousness. Alternatively, another Survivor can perform CPR on an unconscious character, speeding up their Shock recovery and allowing them to regain consciousness much faster.

Losing Shock[ | ]

Much like Health and Blood, whenever a character sustains an injury they lose Shock. Dropping below 25 Shock will cause unconsciousness, so caution is advised whenever a character is injured. If possible, it is recommended a player wait for a minute or two after being injured to allow their Shock level to recover.

Injury[ | ]

Below is a list of injuries and their associated average Shock damage.

Injury Shock Damage*
Stab Wound 14
Blunt Trauma 15
Infected Attack 15
5 m Fall 25
Gunshot Wound 58
Fracture 8
Attacking with Fracture 20-35

*Values are approximate averages and depend on several other factors

Blood Loss[ | ]

 See Also: Blood Loss

Representing a drop in blood pressure, going below 3,000 Blood will cause a character to begin taking Shock damage every second until they regain enough Blood.

Blood Level Shock Damage
2,500 - 3,000 20 per sec.

Heart Attack[ | ]

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Representing a sudden change in blood pressure and decreased blood flow across the body, a Heart Attack causes a character to take Shock damage every second until they fall unconscious, at which point they being to take Health damage.

Health Loss Shock Damage
~0.2 per sec. ~2 per sec.

Fracture[ | ]

 Main Article: Fracture

Representing a fracture from falling from a high building/rock or falling multiple times in a short interval

Action Shock Damage
Walking 0 per step
Jogging/Running ~8 per step
Light Attack ~20 per attack
Heavy Attack ~35 per attack

Unconsciousness[ | ]

 Main Article: Unconsciousness

Losing consciousness is a direct result of taking 75 or more Shock damage in a short period of time. Once unconscious, a character left alone will regain consciousness once they have recovered enough Shock (assuming they have the appropriate Blood level).

Lose Consciousness 25 and below
Regain Consciousness 51 and above

Treatment & Recovery[ | ]

State Shock Restored
Conscious ~5 per sec.
Unconscious ~1 per sec.

Unlike Health & Blood, Shock regenerates relatively quickly and, with one exception, all of the time. Taking Shock damage will stop the regeneration effect for approximately 15 seconds. Regeneration speed is affected by the character's state of consciousness; with slower regeneration occuring while a character is unconscious.

Treatment Shock Restored
Epinephrine Auto-Injector 100 (instant)
CPR 2.5 per sec.

As an alternative to natural regeneration, there are two medical treatments that can be performed on Survivors to assist them in recovering Shock. The first, an Epinephrine Auto-Injector, can be used by the character themself or on another survivor, conscious or unconscious, to instantly restore 100 Shock. The second, CPR, can only be performed by a survivor on another unconscious survivor and restores ~2.5 Shock per second. Either method will help a survivor to regain Shock much faster than they would otherwise.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Before 0.63, players started with 0 Shock and gained instead of lost Shock whenever they became injured.