Simple Fishing Rod
Version 1.06
Category Equipment
Repairable With None
Size 9 Slots (1x9)
Weight 670 g (1.48 lb)
Absorbency 80%
Locations Must be Crafted
Rarity Unknown
A piece of rope tied to a stick. This marvelous invention can be surprisingly useful, provided some bait is available. — In-game description

The Simple Fishing Rod is a tool which can be used to catch fish when equipped with Bait.

The rod is made via crafting by combining a Long Wooden Stick with a Rope.

With Bait attached, it can be used to fish in both freshwater and saltwater - thus catching both Carp and Mackerel.



  • The rod can be disassembled into its component parts by holding it in hands and applying a Knife to it. There is a chance that this will give you back either the Rope, Stick, both or neither as it has a chance to fail.
  • Unlike the Fishing Rod which can be collapsed into a smaller item: the Simple Fishing Rod can only be stored in either of the player's two (2) weapon slots as it counts as a long weapon.
    • In comparison: the wait time between hooking catches is a few seconds slower than the Fishing Rod.


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