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Note: this page covers the Standalone version of DayZ; for information on the Mod, see Mod: Skalisty Island.

Skalisty (Russian: Скалистый, translated as "Rocky") is a small settlement found in the extreme south-east of South Zagoria. The island on which it is situated is commonly referred to as Skalisty Island, but officially on in-game maps Skalisty is constituted as a settlement.

General[ | ]

Due to its relative inaccessibility, Skalisty is a comparatively quiet area of the map despite its proximity to the coast. The hamlet itself is located in a bay on the south-west of the island, boasting 3 houses, a water pump and a light house. A large rocky breakwater serves to shelter harbouring boats from some of the harsher waves emanating from the Green Sea.

The rest of the island is host to two other houses (one on the western side and one on the south-eastern side), the ruins of a castle (Voron), more ruins of other unknown buildings closer to the hamlet, a radio tower and a shipwreck off the island's eastern coast.

Given the area's seclusion, loot it comparatively more common when compared to other coastal regions. This comes at the cost of being required to swim to the island, which can make a survivor particularly vulnerable as they transit Skalisty Strait.

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  • According to the in-game tourist map and the hiking trail legend, Skalisty is constituted as an actual settlement, and not the official name of the island (islands are categorised under the "local name" font, such as Otmel and Drakon, which is in brown, whereas Skalisty appears in the font used for settlements). "Skalisty Island" was the actual name of the island in ArmA II however and the term has remained broadly in-use throughout the community, despite not being technically correct as of the 1.0 map.