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Skalka (Russian: Скалка, translated as "Rolling Pin"), formerly Samorodok, is a small hillside plain north of the village of Polesovo, nestled among the upper and lower ridges of the Black Rocks formation, in South Zagoria, Chernarus.

General[ | ]

Adventurous survivors will find Skalka nearly devoid of habitation. The plain is dissected west-east by a road leading to Kamensk, with two roads splitting off south to Polesovo and Bird's Lake. The most notable feature present at Skalka is perhaps the pub situated toward the western end of the plain. Two houses can be found in the vicinity, while to the south-east, nestled in the forest, are the remains of a primitive logging operation. There is evidence of an extensive irrigation system in the area, with drainage pipes found directing what water would have previously flown down the many dry streambeds from the upper ridge. These streams would have ultimately deposited into the aforementioned Bird's Lake.

Bears are known to inhabit the forests around Skalka; survivors hiking in the general area should be cautious of their presence to avoid any potential surprises.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Added in the 0.57 update, this location was initially named Samorodok (Russian: Самородок, translated as "Nugget"). It is unknown why the developers decided to rename the area.
  • Before 1.0, Skalka was the name of a mountain found to the west of Tisy (roughly in-line with where the mountain of Skalka was in Arma 2). Since 1.0 however this mountain has no official name and is more accurately described as being a part of Vidy.