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Small Protector Case
Small Protector Case (P)
A Small Protector Case found in DayZ.
Category EquipmentContainers
Required slots 6 slots (3x2)
Item capacity 6 slots (3x2)
Absorbency 0%
Weight Under 1 kg
Location(s) Fire Station, Industrial, Residential
Rarity Rare
Class name(s) container_protector_small
A molded plastic container that seals with an airtight and watertight gasket. Meets standards for waterproofing, stacking, impact, and durability to military standards.
— In-game description

The Small Protector Case is a storage container for any type of item in DayZ.

The Samll Protector Case can store and protect (not yet implemented) up to six items (3 × 2) whilst occupying the same space in player's inventory. Items must be no larger than three slots across and two slots down to be able to fit inside the case.

The protector case must be placed in the player's hands, on the ground or right clicked to be able to access the contents inside.

Mainly found in: Airfields, Fire station & can spawn in other civilian areas.


If player put the item(s)into the hot-bar before put it into the case players won't have to equip the case to get the item(s) out.

At the moment the protector case does not protect items inside, it's only good as storage space. If you have a protector case in your pants and you break your legs or get any damage to the leg/pants area, all items inside will be ruined/damaged. (Has Been Tested)

If a player puts the case in their clothes the case will act as a buffer, similiar to the Ballistic Helmet, when shot the bullet will do half the health damage until the case is ruined and 0 blood damage until the case is ruined. (Tested)

Image gallery

Small Protector Case (P) A Small Protector Case in pristine or worn condition.

Small Protector Case (D) A Small Protector Case in damaged or badly damaged condition.

Small Protector Case (R) A Small Protector Case in ruined condition.

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