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This article is a stub. You can help DayZ Wiki by expanding it.

South Zagoria, also known as Zagorie or, informally, "the Northern Province", is a province in north-eastern Chernarus. "South Zagoria" is the correct and proper name of the area in which the ChernarusPlus map is set, as "Chernarus" is the name of the full country.

South Zagoria is presumably a part of a larger geographic region called Zagoria that is most likely shared with Russia.

Infrastructure[ | ]

The province has a developed network of roads and streets, but only a few are asphalt or even two-lane streets. Most rivers and streams are regulated by different dams.

South Zagoria has only one power plant, located in the post-Soviet industrial town of Elektrozavodsk. Multiple power lines stretch out from it all over the oblast.

Towns and Cities[ | ]

There are five major coastal towns:

Major towns off the coast include:

There are also many smaller towns, villages, hamlets, etc. Scattered around the region, you can also find a plethora of man-made landmarks, including multiple historic castles that can be visited.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The landscape of South Zagoria is based heavily on the Czech Republic, the home country of developer Bohemia Interactive. The geography, roads, and major landmarks of Chernarus are modeled after the municipality of Povrly and its surrounding areas. Elektrozavodsk is modeled after Povrly, Solnechny after Dobkovice, Berezino after Malšovice, and so forth.
  • Internally, the map is referred to as ChernarusPlus.