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Good news! I have applied a "fresh" infobox template to all ranged weapons and explosives articles, meaning that no existing content pages are using the old template anymore. We're far from done with converting over to your new format, but this is a big step that I am happy to be done with.

Here's what is still needed for each ranged weapon infobox:

  1. Damage (all 5 parts of this section)
  2. Range
  3. Rate of Fire
  4. Recoil
  5. Noise
  6. Zeroing

If you could add that data to each article as you find time, that would be very, very helpful. I already took care of everything else related to the infobox.

We also need to apply the rest of your new overall article template for ranged weapons. I plan on doing that page-by-page as I find time, and you're welcome to do the same. There may be some info there which I will defer to you as well, but we'll see when we get there.

Anyway, just giving you an update on where I'm at after plugging away at it over the last 24 hours. Have a good one!

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A few things:

1. Are you satisfied with the current Melee Weapon template as I have it now? Is it missing anything? The Ranged Weapon template needed to be redone from scratch, but I think that the melee version is fine for now as long as we plug in all the missing data (and update what was already there). If you approve, I'll go back and fix/refresh anything on the existing articles. I added the Wrench and Lug Wrench to your table; I'm not 100% on where you're pulling your categories from so I'll let you fill that in and proceed from there.

2. There are two values I'd like to see added to the Ranged Weapons template: Absorbency and Variants. I tried to add absorbency to ALL templates and ALL item articles as part of the overhaul, such that even if a whole category of items is 0%, at least that information is visible to users who might be looking for it (instead of having it be implied by omission). For variants I see this as things like MP-133 vs. its Pistol Grip version, and colors as being paint-able versions of one model (i.e. AKS-74U). Does that make sense?

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Hey T,

Sorry for the delay, just got back from vacation! Yeah, I think the melee template is perfect for the current DayZ patch. Thanks for adding those two, I think there may be a couple more I need to add to the list. Category-wise, I'm pulling the data from weapons_melee>CfgAmmo, but to be honest those are going to change shortly. BI have already added almost all of the EnScript versions of the melee weapons and there seems to be a big change to them. Rather than having separate "damage" classes that weapons reference for damage, each melee weapon has its own specific damage class along with a new damage "type". So, I imagine I'll be updating that in the next few months.

I'll add the Absorbency characteristic and change Colors back to Variants. I like the idea of the different versions being listed as a variant and it makes complete sense to have it there.

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For colors vs. variants, I think it may be better to have both. As in the examples I gave above, "colors" references weapons that are paintable, whereas "variants" is more of a whole-different-model (AK-74 vs. AKS-74U, for example) kind of thing.

I'll move ahead with updating individual melee weapon pages to reflect the current system. What you're describing as far as its structure will likely not change in 0.62 (since it's just a visual update), and I think we've got a bit of waiting until 0.63 hits. In the mean time, it may be useful to our users to see the existing data, even if only for a few months.

Many thanks for all of your efforts. We should probably link up on Skype or something soon to discuss how to implement all of your work so far, since it may require a deliberate shift in the formatting of the main Weapons page.

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Ohhh, yeah I like that even better. I'll update the template. I'm trying to figure out where I should put Absorbency... You think General or Specifications? Should I add weight like the melee template? I imagine that might be important in future patches. It's no problem at all, glad I can give back! Which service works for you? I use/have accounts on just about everything. Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, Curse, Steam, whichever you want to use.

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For weapons, I think "absorbency" should go under characteristics. I'm having a hard time deciding where to draw the line, but that makes the most sense to me at the moment. Thankfully that's something easy to change later (without breaking things) if we make that decision.

Weight should definitely be added for ranged weapons as well, under "General."

Why don't you find me on Discord; I'm Tatanko#4361.

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Hello! Just to let you know, the Loot page and loot tags for items (in general) will be getting overhauled next. No sense in fixing what is very broken and about to be replaced :)

If you haven't already seen, I've been using the game's non-specific "loot tag" values on item articles as I update them (e.g. Military East). Now that I'm nearly done with that, I'll be moving the Loot page over to explaining those tags, along with what buildings have each kind of tag(s) associated with them.

Avatar for Runnick

Oh, that is awesome! I'm used to using the game's loot tags (civilian, hunting, military_west, etc.) and having to remember which wiki tag is associated with which loot tag is a pain.

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On a similar note, I think it would be best to leave out the "Locations" section from weapons articles at the moment. The section on the infobox for tags is good, but trying to point out specific buildings may be wasted effort with how much the loot economy can change from update to update. Tags like "Military East" are constant and easy to update, but something like "ATC Tower" can change its properties or meaning over time, so I'm inclined to favor the more simple approach to maintaining the usefulness of that information.

As an aside, I would also recommend against using lots of images for a section like that as well. I'm okay with it on list pages, or a small gallery for the topic of that article.

Sorry if it seems like I'm being overbearing, or that I'm complaining -- I'm just trying to provide guidance, and I wanted to make sure I pointed those things out before you went any further. It sounds much meaner when I write it out haha.

Avatar for Runnick

No, don't apologize! I was actually about to ask you to take a look at AK74/Temporary to get your advice/guidance on how/what you think the updated weapon pages should look like. Please, please, if you think something should look different, not be there/be there, let me know!

Avatar for Runnick

Also, I created a new weapon infobox template that differs from the existing one. you can also see it on that page. Tell me if you think there should be other categories, different information, etc..

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I'll have to dig in and look at the values you've created more closely, but so far it looks good. I assume you'll do a similar one for Melee version as well?

I finished doing a quick refresh of the remaining melee pages just now. That category still needs its own fully updated template, and then that template needs applied to all of the articles (all over again), so in a way it was kind of wasted work, but... The main purpose of my mini-refresh just now was so the articles weren't all being thrown into the "Outdated Articles" area. I wanted to have a better idea of what our high-level topics are that ACTUALLY still need revising, and the melee pages were all being thrown in simply due to a change in the template.

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