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For colors vs. variants, I think it may be better to have both. As in the examples I gave above, "colors" references weapons that are paintable, whereas "variants" is more of a whole-different-model (AK-74 vs. AKS-74U, for example) kind of thing.

I'll move ahead with updating individual melee weapon pages to reflect the current system. What you're describing as far as its structure will likely not change in 0.62 (since it's just a visual update), and I think we've got a bit of waiting until 0.63 hits. In the mean time, it may be useful to our users to see the existing data, even if only for a few months.

Many thanks for all of your efforts. We should probably link up on Skype or something soon to discuss how to implement all of your work so far, since it may require a deliberate shift in the formatting of the main Weapons page.