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Good news! I have applied a "fresh" infobox template to all ranged weapons and explosives articles, meaning that no existing content pages are using the old template anymore. We're far from done with converting over to your new format, but this is a big step that I am happy to be done with.

Here's what is still needed for each ranged weapon infobox:

  1. Damage (all 5 parts of this section)
  2. Range
  3. Rate of Fire
  4. Recoil
  5. Noise
  6. Zeroing

If you could add that data to each article as you find time, that would be very, very helpful. I already took care of everything else related to the infobox.

We also need to apply the rest of your new overall article template for ranged weapons. I plan on doing that page-by-page as I find time, and you're welcome to do the same. There may be some info there which I will defer to you as well, but we'll see when we get there.

Anyway, just giving you an update on where I'm at after plugging away at it over the last 24 hours. Have a good one!

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