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Sporter 22
Sporter 22 Wood.png
Category Weapons > Ranged
Type Semi-automatic Rifle
Cartridge .22 LR Rounds
Repairable With Gun Cleaning Kit
Size 6x3 (18 Slots)
Weight 2 kg (5 lb)
Absorbency 10%
Internal Magazine 1-Round (Chambered Round)
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Range Low (Iron Sights)
Medium (Hunting Scope)
Rate of Fire High
Recoil Very Low
Noise 2 (Quiet)
1 ((Very Quiet) Plastic Bottle Suppressor)
Zeroing 100m (Hip-Fire/Iron Sights)
200m - 800m ((200m default) Hunting Scope)
Magazines 15rd .22 Mag, 30rd .22 Mag
Optics Hunting Scope
Muzzles Improvised Suppressor
Wraps Ghillie Rifle Wrap
Location Civilian, Hunting
Rarity Uncommon
Semi-automatic rifle, fed from a detachable magazine. Great for recreational activities, like target shooting, plinking, and even small-game hunting. Uses .22 LR rounds. — In-game description

The Sporter 22 is a semi-automatic rifle chambered for .22 LR Rounds. The damage incurred by the low-velocity .22 LR rounds is very low, resulting in several shots to the body being necessary to kill an infected human. It may take two head shots to put down any target. However, the benefits given in return are very low noise and seemingly near-to-none recoil. This allows for very fast follow-up shots.


For a full overview of the gun and stats, check out Wobo's site on the Sporter 22


Weapon attachments are any accessories or devices that attach to a firearm in order to add, improve or modify the weapon's functionality or performance. In DayZ Standalone these attachments take the form of sights/optics, handguards, buttstocks, muzzle devices, barrel and handguard attachments and gun wraps.


Sights and Optics




  • The Sporter 22 was modeled after the Ruger 10/22.
  • The Sporter 22 was added back into the game in the 1.08 Update.


† Currently in Experimental.