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Starye Luga (Russian: Старые Лугаm, translated as Old Fields) is a large swathe of fields north-east of the town of Stary Sobor in central South Zagoria, Chernarus.

General[ | ]

Nestled in the rolling fields above Stary Sobor, Starye Luga is a barren patch of land with little to materially offer adventurous survivors. Aside from Dwarf's Castle, only a couple of caravans, deer stands and a feed shack are present in the general vicinity. Starye Luga is overgrown with bushes and trees which systematically dissect the length of the field in parallel lengths running north-east/south-west, perhaps a remnant of a time when the area was used for agricultural purposes.

The Starye Luga area is home to roe deer, more so along the northern treeline with Glaza and Prud and to the south-west around the hill of Dazhbog.

Survivors hiking along the trails between Stary Sobor and Grishino or Altar and Kabanino will pass through Starye Luga in their travels.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Starye Luga is almost exclusively referred to by its English translation "Old Fields"