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Storozh (Russian: Сторож, translated as "Watchman") is a remote castle found in an archipelago south of Ostrog; it is unique among other castles in South Zagoria for its prison facilities, which were evidently in-use by the Chernarussian Government up until the outbreak. Although the name "Storozh" solely refers to the castle, many associate the name with the two islands the whole prison complex is spread across.

General[ | ]

The prison has roughly 40 prison cells, with additional office and storage facilitates in both the main and side buildings. At some point, barracks were constructed on the opposite island to the west, presumably for housing prison staff, along with a large modern dock to aid with the ingress of various supplies to the prison complex.

Travelling to Storozh can be extremely dangerous as a survivor will be vulnerable and exposed whilst they swim back and forth between the various islands found in the area. Many are tempted to take the risk however due to the military loot available from the various barracks found on the western island.

History[ | ]

As can be seen on maps found throughout the region, Storozh is technically considered to be a castle; nothing is known of its history prior to becoming a prison, although it can be presumed that it held some strategic importance given its commanding position over the coastal approach between Chernogorsk and Miroslavl'.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • When added in 0.53, this island was referred to as "Terra Incognita" in the changelog. This means "Unknown land" in Latin.
  • On a tourist map found in the game files, this island facility is referred to as "Old Warden."
  • It is not uncommon for old castles to be used as prisons; one recent notable example is Lancaster Castle in the United Kingdom, which was first used as a prison in 1196 and only closed its facilities in 2011.