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In DayZ, Survivors are minimally equipped, unarmed and unprepared players washed ashore on the coast of Chernarus. Survivors have one purpose: to survive. To get through the day they must follow two rules: scavenge and slay.

Survivors start with minimal equipment, but they can obtain weapons, clothing, food, and other supplies through scavenging.

Survivors must be wary of zombies - hostile entities that will attempt to kill the player on sight - and other survivors that may try to rob the player of their possessions or kill them. Slaying zombies and other survivors is avoidable for long-term survival.

Survivors must eat, drink, kill, sneak, run, hide, take risks and do what they have to if they wish to survive.



The basic starting flashlight.

The player first starts off with a hand held flashlight and a battery for it. The player should firstly open their inventory by pressing the "Gear" button (Default: Tab) and attaching the battery to the flashlight by clicking and dragging it over. For night-time combat, the player may wish to adopt a headtorch as it allows the hands to be free for a weapon.

Light sources


A Headtorch

The player starts with the flashlight and is a great help at night, but cannot be used in conjunction with a weapon as the hands are occupied.

The headtorch allows for the player to hold a weapon and be able to see at night, this light is extremely important for night-time combat.

Portable Gas Lamp

A portable gas lamp

The portable gas lamp is a hand-held item that creates an area of bright light around the player, the only problem is that it requires gas to run.

There are multiple ways to play DayZ. Act like a hero i.e. help other players by giving them food and water, or play as a bandit who will take players as hostage and kill for their own benefits, or take the middle ground as a survivor.

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